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The feeling you get when you play a bass guitar from Ibanez’s SR Series is highly rewarding, as this series is extremely comfortable to play. The Ibanez SR305 Root Beer Metallic is one of those guitars. With an agathis body, a neck combination of maple and rosewood, a rosewood fretboard and CAP EXF-N2 humbuckers, the Root Beer Metallic is an incredible bass guitar with an excellent price-to-quality ratio. On top of that, the SR305 RBM has five strings instead of four, so that you can easily dive into the lower tonal depths of the guitar.
Wood and hardware: agathis, strong and light
The SR305-RBM is made of agathis, providing this bass guitar with the classic lightweight body of the SR series, which is incredibly comfortable to play without affecting the tone. On the contrary, the agathis provides a great sustain and a fat, well-balanced tone. You’ll find that the low and mid tones are represented particularly well thanks to this type of wood, while the higher tones are amplified neatly by means of the CAP EXF-N2 humbuckers.
Pickups and electronics: the CAP EXF-N2 humbuckers, immense sound
The CAP EXF-N2 humbuckers have been made specifically to emphasise the lower tones with a fat sound while still providing the other tones with enough space. A powerful equalizer can also be found, making it easier for the bass player to adjust the tone without having to use the amplifier. These excellent electronics and pickups are exactly what make the Ibanez SR Series, and this Ibanez SR305-RBM in particular, such a top-shelf name. An excellent bass guitar!
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5-string electric bass guitar
colour: Root Beer Metallic (red brown)
body: agathis
neck: 5-piece alder/rosewood
neck construction: bolt-on
neck radius: 305 mm
neck gauge: 21 mm at the first fret, 24 mm at the twelfth fret
neck width: 38 mm at the top, 60 mm at the last fret
scale: 864 mm
frets: 24, medium
fretboard: rosewood
neck pickup: CAP EXF-N2
bridge pickup: CAP EXF-N2
electronics: volume, balance EQ-Bypass switch, treble toggle, mid frequency, mid toggle, bass toggle
bridge: B125
hardware: black

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