Randall George Lynch 4×12 Cabinet Lynchbox

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The LB412 George Lynch Signature speaker cabinet from Randall is built with stringent quality standards in the USA. While many guitar cabs are designed with the speaker baffle angled slightly up and down, the LB412 is designed with the baffle angled slightly right and left. This unique design offers wide sound dispersion.

The LB412 George Lynch Signature speaker cabinet is loaded with 4 – 12″ Celestion Lynchback high-output speakers. Black tolex with signature salt-and-pepper grille cloth make this a killer cab for any Randall amplifier.

Built in the USA
Speaker baffle is angled right/left for wider sound dispersion
4 – 12″ Celestion Lynchback speakers
Black tolex covering
Salt-and-pepper grille cloth

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